Watch Tony Gwynn Jr. let glove do the talking when heckler pipes up

Tony Gwynn Jr., come back. Don’t care if you hit a buck fifty, that you’re currently batting .207 at triple-A Albuquerque. Baseball could use more of this kind of humor.

This video is actually from June 13, 2011, but in one of those hard-to- explain Internet phenomena, it has now gained new life. It was somehow recently discovered on YouTube by Deadspin, and off it goes.

Unfortunately it can no longer be embedded, but it’s worth jumping to the link. The video shows our man Gwynn deftly handling a heckler as the Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Any more hilarious and it would have been scripted.

Gwynn never turns his head in the video to actually acknowledge the heckler, though he makes it clear he can hear every word.

Clever man, he may have a future with the Muppets.

Now if there were only a similar electronic way for bloggers to respond to editors.



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