One Jamie McCourt lawyer told her not to sign divorce settlement

Jamie McCourt was all smiles after her divorce settlement in 2011.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Neither Frank nor Jamie McCourt spared any expense in enlisting a team of attorneys for what is believed to be the costliest divorce case in California history. The case had apparently ended with a settlement in October 2011, in which Jamie McCourt accepted $131 million and relinquished any claim to the Dodgers.

Jamie McCourt signed the agreement against the advice of one of her attorneys, Bert Fields. In an email he sent to one of Frank McCourt’s attorneys, Fields said he had advised Jamie McCourt not to proceed, in the belief that her ex-husband had not provided all the financial information necessary “for her to make an informed decision.”

As a result, Fields withdrew from representing her. The email was read Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, where Fields is her attorney in attempting to get the agreement thrown out.


The Dodgers sold for $2 billion. Jamie McCourt’s fair share, after taxes and debts, should be closer to $800 million, Fields said.

However, if Jamie McCourt wins, she would not necessarily be ensured of additional money. The parties instead would resume the argument they had before the settlement: Were the Dodgers community property, or were they owned solely by Frank McCourt?

Also, after Judge Scott Gordon decides whether to invalidate the settlement, either of the McCourts could appeal.

Jamie McCourt testified for about five hours Friday. She is set to resume her testimony Monday. You can find background on this latest McCourt lawsuit and a recap of Friday’s morning session here.