Discovering the perfect solution to snap the Dodgers’ losing ways

While the Dodgers mope around trying to figure out how to undo their latest mess, I have come up with the perfect solution:

Start Clayton Kershaw in the next game against Arizona and then bring on the lowly Miami Marlins for three games.


Hey, wouldn’t you know ...

At least that timing is good, because you’ll forgive the Dodgers if they think everything else imaginable is going against them right now. Two six-game losing streaks in just over three weeks will do that to a club that considers itself of championship timbre.


If losing really is contagious, then the Dodgers are feeling very ill right now.

“We’re frustrated,” said right-hander Josh Beckett. “Losing sucks. Winning is a lot more fun.

“You’d think that wins would come by more frequently. There’s a lot of frustration with that. We have to get back to just playing as a team right now. That’s how you get out of stuff like this, doing the small things to help each other out.”

Manager Don Mattingly tried tinkering with his lineup Tuesday, moving Dee Gordon up from the eighth spot to the No. 2 hole. He’s tried moving Matt Kemp, Adrian Gonzalez and Andre Ethier around in the middle of the lineup.


But the runs won’t come, just mounting losses.

“I don’t think there’s any magic formula,” Mattingly said. “We have our guys here. You have to perform. There’s no real tricks. You can move the furniture, we can try guys in different spots.

“But all that really is is trying to get a little different feel and spark something. But once we get past all that smoke and mirrors, we have to perform. That’s what these guys do. They come and get ready to play, and they have to play better.”

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are 13-19, last in the National League West and have won just three of their last 17 games against the Diamondbacks.


And now another six-game losing streak for the richest team in baseball, a team spinning its wheels as it tries to get on track.

Beckett looked at it simply: “It comes down to making pitches when we need to make pitches, and getting timely hits.”

Of course, I can make it even simpler. Start Kershaw on Wednesday and then bring on the 10-24 Marlins.

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