Who does Twitter think will win the World Series this fall? It’s a split between the Dodgers and Yankees

Dodgers' Cody Bellinger, right, celebrates with teammates after beating the Philadelphia Phillies on July 15 in Philadelphia.
(Matt Slocum / Associated Press)

The halfway point of the current MLB season has passed, and already there’s a clearer picture of teams contending for the postseason. However, anything still can happen from now until the beginning of October.

Teams such as the Dodgers and New York Yankees have widened the gap between them and their division rivals that there are baseball pundits alike who are confident at least one of the teams will win the World Series — at least on Twitter.

Online sports betting insider put together a map using geotagged Twitter data tracking over 100,000 tweets the last month that discuss who will win the 2019 World Series. According to the map, both the Dodgers and Yankees were mentioned the most in 14 states each. The Dodgers were overwhelming popular in the West Coast, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Alaska, North Dakota, Nebraska and Kentucky. The Yankees mirrored the Dodgers somewhat taking majority of the East Coast, parts of the South, Indiana and Hawaii.


Nine teams in total dominated the map in terms of being favored to win the 2019 World Series. Eight out of those nine teams are either leading their division or are within a couple of games of taking the division lead. The Boston Red Sox is the only team on the map to be trailing its division leader by double digits.

The state breakdown was as follows:

Dodgers - 14 states

Yankees - 14 states

Chicago Cubs - 8 states

Atlanta Braves - 7 states

Red Sox - 3 states

Minnesota Twins - 1 state

Milwaukee Brewers - 1 state

Houston Astros - 1 state

Cleveland Indians - 1 state

Ironically, the top three teams on the list are also the most hated teams on Twitter.

If the Twitterverse is correct with the Dodgers and Yankees meeting in the fall classic, it would be the 12th time both teams meet in the World Series and the first since 1981. The Yankees will play the Dodgers in August at Dodger Stadium.