High School Sports

Teen actor Juliocesar Chavez is playing soccer for Fremont High

JV player and actor Juliocesar Chavez, left, Fremont soccer coach Roberto Gonzalez and actor Miles J. Harvey.
(Courtesy Roberto Gonzalez)

Fremont soccer coach Roberto Gonzalez might need security after junior varsity soccer games this season, because one of his players is actor Juliocesar Chavez.

Chavez scored three goals in his first JV match.

Among his credits are roles in “Transformers: The Last Knight” and the Jim Carrey TV series “Kidding,” and he just finished filming “Babysitter 2" for Netflix.

Chavez doesn’t attend Fremont but is eligible to play at the school. He has an independent study program through City of Angels because of his acting work.

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