Baseball: Best pals Trevor Plouffe, Ryan Braun discuss being fathers

Trevor Plouffe and Ryan Braun.
Trevor Plouffe and Ryan Braun.
(Eric Sondheimer / Los Angeles Times)

On a gorgeous Tuesday morning in Malibu, where the ocean could be seen looking out beyond the palm trees in left field at Pepperdine, major leaguers Ryan Braun and Trevor Plouffe were finishing up their workouts trying to get into shape for the upcoming major-league season.

They have been pals for some 20 years, having grown up in the San Fernando Valley. They’re Valley boys.

Braun, 33, went to Granada Hills High. Plouffe, 30, went to Crespi. Braun has been playing for the Milwaukee Brewers for 10 years. Plouffe was with the Minnesota Twins for seven seasons until signing this off season with the Oakland Athletics.


The years have flown by, because now each is married and a father. Braun has a young daughter and a recently born son. He’s getting about four or five hours of sleep these days. Plouffe has a young son.

Each is learning that being a parent is a joy but also requires lots of work.

“Enjoy your child every day,” Braun said. “Enjoy them being young, because they’re going to grow up fast.”

Said Plouffe: “I constantly want to talk to my parents and apologize because now I understand what they were talking about.”

Plouffe said “it’s an amazing thing” being a father.

“I wake up every morning excited to see him.”

While athletics has been important in their lives, they will wait to see whether sports will become a passion for their kids.

“I look forward to helping them with whatever they are passionate about,” Braun said.

Plouffe has early plans for his son.

“When he starts getting a little older, I’m going to start him off doing the dishes and work him up to a good work ethic.”

Young baseball players with young kids