Derek Lowe
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Dodgers vs. Rockies

Derek Lowe
Dodger pitcher Derek Lowe delivers a pitch. (Christine Cotter / LAT)
Dodgers’ Julio Lugo
Dodgers’ Julio Lugo is tagged by Colorado’s Clint Barmes in a rundown in the first inning. (Christine Cotter / LAT)
Dodgers Jason Repko
Dodger’ Jason Repko is hit by a pitch in the fifth inning by Colorado’s Jeff Francis. (Christine Cotter / LAT)
Dodgers Olmedo Saenz
Dodger Olmedo Saenz is hit by pitch in the 8th inning. (Christine Cotter / LAT)
Julio Lugo is tagged out
Dodgers’ Julio Lugo is tagged out by Colorado’s Yorvit Torrealba after attempting to steal home in the 4th inning. (Christine Cotter / LAT)
Colorado Matt Holliday
Colorado’s Matt Holliday steals home in the ninth inning as Dodger third baseman Wilson Betemit runs toward the plate. (Christine Cotter / LAT)