Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer drops hints about two NFL teams he suggests might sign his client soon

Remember when Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer predicted his client would have a job in the NFL “within the next 10 days?”

That was 327 days ago. And the one-time San Francisco 49ers quarterback still hasn’t landed with a team.

But that’s not stopping attorney Mark Geragos from peering into the future and making a similar statement about his client’s employment opportunities.

In a TMZ interview posted Thursday, Geragos said of Kaepernick and the NFL, “I would just say, ‘Stay tuned,’ that next week there may be some news.”

Geragos tried to end his comments there but eventually ended up stating that two teams are interested in his client’s services. He initially wanted those teams to “remain nameless” but couldn’t stop himself from providing a clue or two.


“I’ll just say this: if Al Davis was still alive — that’s all I’m gonna say.”

That hint, of course, points to the Oakland Raiders.

Then Geragos asked, “You know who Meek Mill was visited by when he was in custody?”

The answer he was looking for is Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.

So there you have it — or maybe you don’t. Who knows? Looks like we’ll just have to follow Geragos’ advice and stay tuned.

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