Letters: They're not exactly saluting Troy this week

Letters: They're not exactly saluting Troy this week
USC football coach Steve Sarkisian addresses the media Tuesday morning about his behavior and language during a booster event on campus Saturday night. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

So Los Angeles has two major college football teams and two coaches.

One who swears at his players and belittles them in public. And one who swears at his audience and belittles himself in public.


Richard Larsen

La Habra


Wow. And you thought Lane Kiffin was bad?

The tradition continues. A USC coach embarrasses the Trojan faithful and Pat Haden is there to cover up the mess. Steve Sarkisian should have been fired on the spot.

Mark Mozilo



I never thought I'd wish for Paul Hackett's return. At least during his tenure the embarrassment remained on the field.

Barry P. Resnick



Because Pat Haden hired the guy who specializes in blowing games late in the fourth quarter and mixing prescription drugs with alcohol, in public no less, at a university function, why isn't the court of public opinion raining down on Pat, and his history of bad hires?

Marty Foster




Imagine that you are the VP of operations for a Fortune 500 company. At a gathering of key employees and shareholders, you arrive at the podium appearing intoxicated and deliver a trash-talking, profanity-laced speech. Do you think you will be retaining your job?

Wayne Muramatsu



As a former longtime UCLA athlete and coach, I say this is one of those times when Bruins need to get together with Trojans to help Steve Sarkisian "Fight On" in battling his health issues.

Bob Jackson

Simi Valley


The old adage that the cover-up is worse than the incident has never been more true.

The vague quasi-explanation about nonspecific medication for a nonspecific condition doesn't pass the smell test. It only raises more questions. Claims of privacy rights should be waived or superseded by Sark's acceptance of a $3.5-million salary to represent the university and coach its football team.

Sark and Pat Haden should immediately clear the air and put this incident to rest. They don't need to keep breathing life into this drama or allow it to extend into and through the football season. Sark, USC and its supporters deserve no less.

Bob Elsner

Palm Springs





OK, Sark had a bit too much to drink and dropped an F-bomb. Not good, and he has apologized. He also said some of our opponents "suck." Imagine that, at a pep rally. Oh my!

Let's move on and play some football.

Rick Kern

Incline Village, Nev.


I am wondering what advice the late John McKay would have handed down to Steve Sarkisian from his regular bar stool at Julie's Trojan Barrel.

Bud Chapman


He is chosen

Josh Rosen's selection as UCLA's quarterback should be backdated to Feb. 4, when he signed his letter of intent.

The transparently deceitful quarterback "competition" was beneath the level of a bad B-movie. Jim Mora's SAG card should be revoked.

One can understand picking the prodigy with the high ceiling while condemning a masquerade that victimized the dreams, dignity and youthful innocence of Jerry Neuheisel and Mike Fafaul. This episode stained the soul of UCLA football and the Machiavellian Mora.

Wes Wellman

Santa Monica

Seeing red ...

It constantly amazes me that the poor Dodgers get beat up week after week by your readers. Here they've been in first place for some time while the underperforming, star-studded Angels get no grief. How do the Angels get a pass when Manager Scioscia is underutilizing his players day after day? Isn't it time for Big Mike to hit the bricks?

Pete Rabbitt

Newport Beach


When Mike Scioscia first came to the Angels, he was a breath of fresh air, getting the staid Stoneman-type team to run, steal and be aggressive. Voila, a World Series win. For a number of years after that, that style of play and a great bullpen created a team that had a great brand as they got into the playoffs year after year. But never back to World Series. It is clear that Scioscia has nothing to offer the Angels anymore. The team has quit on him, has no chemistry and now that he finally has almost complete control, he has turned them into a .500 team. Managers have a shelf life with a team. Mike is time dated.

Bruce N. Miller

Playa del Rey


Glad to see Bill Stoneman has not lost his touch for trading for lesser talent and damaging team chemistry.

George Young

La Cañada

... and Blue

If only the Dodgers could beat the Giants and Cardinals.

If only the Dodgers could hit good pitching.

If only the Dodgers had a half-decent bullpen.

If only the Dodgers had a good leadoff man and run scorer like Dee Gordon.

If only the Dodgers would stop acquiring .200 hitters from the Phillies.

If only Don Mattingly would allow Kershaw and Greinke to finish games.

Just too many ifs to overcome, I fear.

Bob Murtha

Santa Maria


I've been a Dodgers fan for more than 35 years, and this is the worst ownership group I have ever seen. Every time I pay $20 for parking or buy a $12 beer, I am reminded that it is the fans' money that is being wasted by new group of corporate giants who can't shoot straight and don't care one bit about the fans.

Jimmy Blackman

Los Angeles


Jim Buss said: "Let's break down what he did for us, then say, 'What is he worth?' To me, he's worth that."

Did Eric Pincus sell Buss some oceanfront property in Utah after this interview?

Craig Lesly

Chino Hills


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