Letters: Readers take Patrick Reed's story personally

I just read Randy Harvey's article about CBS not reporting Patrick Reed's not-so-glorious personal life. Do you know what else CBS omitted from their telecast? When fawning over Tiger's comeback, I didn't hear one word about his DUI or that his ex-wife went at him a club for messing around with other women.

John Scott


Los Angeles


I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment that CBS should have told the negative side of Patrick Reed's story. There is too much gotcha journalism and it's really nice to watch a great event like the Masters without the distractions you think should have been included.

Wayne Weger

Longwood, Fla.


Thanks, Randy, for all that information on the Patrick Reed family, awful as it is and much of which I did not know.

While I agree that some mention of the reality of the drama was required, less is better on such a day. After all, I am a Belfast, Northern Ireland, man and wanted to see Rory beat him fair and square.

In the end Patrick was the better man all round and garnered my admiration for most of the game even when it was still close. He earned it. It would be cruel to try to take the shine off a great performance.

Michael Patrick McCrory

Costa Mesa


Like everyone else I'm thoroughly enjoying Shohei Ohtani's debutante moment, but we need to remember this is a sports honeymoon on steroids, accentuated by his subpar spring training. It's dizzyingly surreal to talk about a player who's pitching like Koufax and hitting like Ruth, and every time he rubs up a baseball it's a first in 90 years. But let's give the young man a break and realize ahead of time —like he already does — that yes, the league will get used to him, start to exploit his weaknesses and things will settle down. We can only hope that things end up half as good as they are now, which would still result in a long, successful and exciting career.

Pete Howard


San Luis Obispo


Can you say Ohtaniland?

Rick Gombar

Los Angeles


I certainly wish Dick Enberg was still with us, announcing Angel games. Wouldn't it be great to hear:

"Oh-tani! Oh my!

Joe Zingg

Rancho Mirage

Dodgers dollars

I'm reminded of the famous Yogi Berra quote, "I never said most of the things I said" when baseball commissioner Rob Manfred proclaimed that current Dodgers ownership practices "fiscal responsibility" with a "willingness to invest in the team."


Flush with cash from an astronomical TV deal that has turned into a PR nightmare for the club, the Dodgers proved their devotion to fiscal responsibility by refusing to upgrade a team that lost some key pieces in the offseason. But this dollars-and-no- sense devotion, driven by a desire to stay under the luxury tax threshold, will not have fans placated by providing a nicer stadium experience or hosting an All Star game. If the Dodgers added players piece after piece to an already strong team, such as the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and Astros have done, now that would show a willingness to invest in the team and in a true fan experience. Championships count, not improved site lines and shorter beer lines.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


Do we have anymore Bellingers lurking in the minors? We need someone to come wake this team up!

Robert Cardenas



With the Dodgers set to host the All Star game in 2020, one can only imagine the Guggenheim mob and the Spectrum TV bosses collectively gnashing their teeth for not having had the foresight to corner the rights to the broadcast and rob the L.A. fan base yet again to television access for the game.

Bill Waxman

Simi Valley


I am watching the Angels on Fox Sports West and I noticed sponsors like Mazda, Jeep, Audi, Dodge, GMC, AT&T, Jim Beam, Arco, Purple Bricks, Panda Express, AARP, Jack in the Box, and Rotolo Chevrolet.

I wonder who the Dodger sponsors are. Actually, no I don't.

Dave Eng

Thousand Oaks

Stay the course

I loved watching Magic play basketball. I do question his trades.

Why did he trade Lou Williams who was a joy to watch and recently scored 45 points for the Clippers?

I will bet he will not sign Isaiah Thomas, another great player we fans love to watch.

All to create cap space for LeBron, who we might not get.

If we can keep Thomas and add just George we will have a great team. In a few years they will win everything for years to come.

Jorn Winther

Sherman Oaks

Get outta town

OK, I think it's gone on long enough. It's time to move the Clippers to the O.C.

Regardless of how bad they are playing, the Lakers eventually will be better. They invest in the future. Not the Clippers. They had every opportunity to get better and never went beyond a certain level of success. Most recently in their pathetic attempt to clinch a playoff spot, they looked like they didn't even care. Time to move to where they can be appreciated. Isn't there space at the Honda Center?

Alex Andrade


The right stuff

I'm so happy for Elgin getting his long-overdue statue. What a revolutionary talent. But one big problem: As great as he was — and I watched hundreds of his games in the Forum, Madison Square Garden and in old films — I don't recall ever seeing him shoot left-handed.

Maybe the sculptor should have watched a few of his games too.

John M. Stalberg

Santa Monica

He has his limits

Regarding the five years of excellent recruiting that have been squandered, Steve Alford has proven that he is Sweet, but not Elite.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


So UCLA may start five freshmen in the upcoming basketball season? And these freshmen are the so-called "hope for the future?"

I dislocated my hip when I fell on the floor laughing over that one. Hope for the future? Really? If these kids are any good, they're not sticking around for any "future." The only future I see for UCLA hoops is a rinse and repeat of the upcoming season. The really talented kids will play one year and leave. But it's great for 19-year-kids who have lived in poverty all their lives, and suddenly have a chance to get paid. More power to them. And more power to me, because I won't waste my time watching.

Bill Lewis


QBs and WRs report

The best thing about the start of baseball season is that football season can't be far behind.

Thomas Kope

Baldwin Park

It's in the details

Kobe makes players better when he talks to them on the phone? Interesting, since that was one of the knocks against him on the court — he wasn't making players around him better, the way LeBron clearly does. Maybe Dwight Howard should have reached out and touched him.

Craig Rosen

Los Angeles



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