Adults brawl over a call by a 13-year-old umpire at 7-year-olds’ baseball game

An all-out brawl broke out among adults attending a baseball game played by 7-year-old athletes last weekend in Colorado. Police say the fight started after one group of adults did not agree with a call made by a 13-year-old umpire.

As you can tell, the word “adult” is being used very loosely here.

Lakewood police said there were numerous injuries, with one person being seriously hurt. Based on video shot by someone in attendance and released by the police, it does not appear that any children (based on age, not maturity) were involved in the clash.


Five citations for disorderly conduct and fighting in public have been issued so far. As of Thursday, police were still searching for a man who can be seen in the video delivering multiple blows, including a sucker punch to the back of someone’s head.

That man, who is wearing a white shirt and teal shorts in the video, could face assault charges, police said, as could others.

And, of course, the kids have to pay for the poor behavior of the grown-ups, with the remainder of the season being canceled for both teams. In addition, anyone who took part in the tussle has been banned from future events indefinitely.

“BCJSA has ZERO tolerance for this type of behavior....PERIOD,” the the Bear Creek Junior Sports Assn. said Wednesday in a statement. “We are embarrassed, ashamed and angry that this has taken place.”