Jeremy Lin being noticed more than Kobe, according to Nielsen

According to Nielsen data released Friday, New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has an N-score of 102. That doesn't mean anything to you? Here's the explanation: It helps advertisers recognize how widely known a figure is.

Lin's N-score is higher than Laker great Kobe Bryant's 90 and, amazingly, higher than LeBron James' number of 84.

Using the combined research expertise of Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research, N-Score is an in-depth look at a sports figure’s overall endorsement potential, factoring in the attributes and demographic measures that align brands with endorsers.

Each individual N-Score National survey is administered to 1,100 people within that panel via the Internet. The sample is representative of the general population based on gender, income, age and education. Awareness is determined by showing half of the survey participants a picture of the athlete and half the athlete’s name.


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