Kobe Bryant’s facemask has its own twitter handle

Kobe Bryant‘s facemask now has its own Twitter handle.

The handle @KobeMask was created at around 7:30 p.m. and within an hour, it already has 27 followers.

Its first tweet?

“Lots of stars @ Staples tonight. I’m a little shy.”


Bryant is wearing a facemask after taking a hard foul from Dwyane Wade during the third quarter of the All-Star game Sunday. Bryant sustained a broken nose and a concussion on the play and received extensive evalutions before being cleared to play on Wednesday.

Bryant’s facemask made its debut against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Staples Center. It extends from his hairline to the top of his lips with two holes for his eyes.

Here are some more of its tweets:

“Thank you @DwyaneWade for finally allowing me to have my big break!”

“Turnover by Fish. This is not how I expected my debut to go.”

“Wow! I might die from a heat stroke.”

“We slipped a little. Sorry. It’s gonna take me some time to adjust here.”

“For all bookings, please see my agent @DwyaneWade! He made my appearance possible.”

“Martell Webster’s hair is hurting my feelings a little. I’m scared.”

“Metta shouldn’t take those unless he is wearing me or my siblings.”

Even though it has been mighty chatty, so far the facemask has not greatly hindered Bryant’s play.
The Lakers superstar had 10 points and five assists to help the Lakers take a 50-44 halftime lead.