Super Bowl is a big-ticket item at Costco

Jumbo pack of diapers? Check. Case of bottled water? Check. Three thousand dollar Super Bowl ticket?

Geez, you really can buy just about anything supersized at Costco.

The wholesale giant is best known for its food and household items, but its website is offering three ticket packages for the NFL’s big — and expensive — game Sunday between the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

“Our goal is to become one of the [ticket] options that pop into our members’ minds when it comes to these types of events,” said Kristin Lovik, an assistant buyer for


Costco has three Super Bowl offerings: A single-ticket package for $2,999.99 and a pair of two-ticket packages, one priced at $9,999 and the other at $15,499.99.

The single-ticket package includes a seat in the upper level of the end zone at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis plus some amenities, including a pregame party featuring retired NFL quarterback Archie Manning, father of Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Ticket seller has Super Bowl tickets in the same vicinity for as low as $2,495, but that’s only for the ticket.

Costco’s $9,999.99 package includes two tickets, the pregame party, four nights at an Indianapolis hotel and admission to the Taste of the NFL, an annual wine and food event, among other additional amenities. The $15,499.99 package is similar — with better seats.

Costco is a membership store; the annual fee starts at $55. Membership is not required to shop at, but without it there is a 5% surcharge to the purchase, Lovik said. So, on a ticket costing thousands of dollars, a membership results in significant savings.

This isn’t the first time Costco has offered high-end sports tickets. It sold them for the Super Bowl last year and for the Masters and U.S. Open golf tournaments in 2010. The chain’s website also sells tickets for movies, ski lifts and other entertainment.

Lovick declined to say where Costco obtains its Super Bowl tickets but said the chain looks for “large, key events that we know are set” in terms of place and date and “where we know we can negotiate” prices for the tickets and amenities.