David Stern gets into on-air argument with Jim Rome [Listen]

NBA Commissioner David Stern and sports talk personality Jim Rome got into a heated exchange Wednesday on Rome’s nationally syndicated radio show after a question regarding the integrity of the NBA draft lottery.

After about a minute of small talk, Rome brought up the fact that the league-owned New Orleans Hornets received the top pick in the draft and asked Stern: “Was the fix in for the lottery?”

First the commissioner got offended, telling Rome, “Shame on you for asking.”

Moments later, he went on the offensive, rhetorically asking, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”


Rome tried to defend his question, saying it was fair to ask because people were wondering about it.

But Stern wasn’t finished, calling such questions “cheap thrills” and saying Rome has “made a career out of it.”

Stern seemed pretty pleased with himself when Rome told him he took offense to that comment, saying, “Now Jim Rome is pouting. I love it.”

The contentious interview ended with Stern getting in one last shot: “I gotta go call somebody important like [ESPN’s] Stephen A. Smith now.”

Take a listen and let us know who you think came out better.


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