Donald Driver discusses Week 7 on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

The Times is pleased to have Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver guest-blogging for us while he competes on “Dancing With the Stars.” Each week, Driver, a Super Bowl champion and three-time Pro Bowl player, will answer a few questions from Sports Now editor Houston Mitchell and give some insight into the competition. Here are Driver’s thoughts about Week 7, which he offered via email.

Q: We’re nearing the end of the competition now, and it seems a lot of people are getting hurt. Do you have any aches and pains?

I’m all good. You don’t last 13 years in the NFL without learning how to take care of your body! You obviously never want to see anyone get hurt, hopefully everyone can get back to full strength and give it their all these last few weeks.

Q: Have you had to change your diet any because of the competition?


Not really. I’ve always tried to eat healthy and stay in shape. It’s worked for me so far, no sense in changing it up now!

Q: Take us through a typical dance practice day. What time do you get up, get started with Peta, get back home, etc.?

I usually will get up around 7 to spend some time with my family, eat a little breakfast and get a football workout in before heading to the studio for practice at 10. Most days we’re scheduled to practice for 6 hours, but we usually go longer than that to make sure we have the dances down perfect. We’ll have some lunch delivered to the studio so we don’t miss out on too much practice time. Some days after practice I’ll have a costume fitting or an interview for Monday’s show. It can definitely get crazy, but I always make sure I’m home for dinner with my beautiful family!

Q: Nice jacket you wore Monday night. How much input do you get into what you will wear on the show?

I have lots of input. I told Peta at the beginning of the season that I wasn’t going to wear any of those see-through lace shirts or anything like that…and there’s only a few weeks left in the show and I haven’t worn one yet. Ultimately we have to be comfortable, otherwise we won’t perform well.

Q: Who’s tougher to please, Len Goodman or Mike McCarthy?

That’s a tough one! I’m going to have to plead the Fifth! I have a lot of respect for both of them, they’re at the top of their professions for good reason.

In addition to being the Packers all-time leading receiver, Donald Driver has written three children’s books and is the founder of the Donald Driver Foundation, which focuses on helping homeless families get back on their feet along with providing educational resources to children in need. You can follow Donald’s “DWTS” journey on his Facebook and Twitter pages.


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