Election 2012: Not a good day for sports figures who ran

George Allen, joined by his family, gives his concession speech Tuesday night.
(Dean Hoffmeyer / Associated Press)

There were 14 sports figures who ran for election on Tuesday. Of those 14, nine lost. And any sports fan will tell you that a 5-9 record will not qualify you for the playoffs.

A look at the results:


Jim Renacci, Arena Football League owner, Ohio, R, U.S. House.

Jon Runyan, NFL, New Jersey, D, U.S. House.

Fred Smith, Harlem Globetrotter, Arkansas, Green, Legislature.


Jim Tedisco, college basketball, New York, R, Legislature.


Clint Didier, NFL, Washington State, R, public lands commissioner.

Al Lawson, college basketball, Florida, D, U.S. House.

Linda McMahon, pro wrestling, Connecticut, R, U.S. Senate.

Danny Tarkanian, college basketball, Nevada, R, U.S. House.

Jimmy Farris, NFL, Idaho, D, U.S. House.

Phil Hansen, NFL, Minnesota, R, Legislature.

Sports figures with family ties:


Tom Rooney, NFL, Florida, R, U.S. House.


George Allen, NFL, Virginia, R, U.S. Senate.

Ben Chandler, baseball, Kentucky, D, U.S. House.

Connie Mack IV, baseball, Florida, R, U.S. Senate.


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