Pro wrestler will remove Mitt Romney tattoo from his face


Eric Hartsburg, the pro wrestler who got the Mitt Romney logo tattooed on his face for $15,000, has decided to have the tattoo removed.

“I had a little change of heart,” he said Friday. Hartsburg went on to say that Romney’s recent comment that President Obama was re-elected because he gave “gifts” to women, minorities and college students made him change his mind.

“I could deal with being a part of a losing campaign, but to still stand behind Gov. Romney with the positions he’s taken post-election with the blame game instead,” Hartsburg said. “To be such a sore loser about it, to me I can’t walk around representing that.”


Harstburg also said he is tired of people booing him and making comments to him when he is in public.

Yeah, who would have guessed that having a giant red-and-blue R tattooed on your face would lead to ridicule?

The tattoo removal process will take place in several sessions over the next year.

Hartsburg also said he is considering giving up pro wrestling for an acting career. Coincidentally, his tattoo removal will take place in Los Angeles, where he will move to while it is taking place.

An acting career? You mean this whole thing could have been just a giant publicity stunt? Shocking.


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