Dwayne Bowe wants to part ways with Chiefs? Now there’s a shocker

Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City “very badly,” according to a tweet Wednesday by Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole.

Pretty sure this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. Even Cole said in the same tweet that it’s “not exactly a revelation.”

After all, what player wouldn’t want to get away from the Chiefs at this point? Not only is the team 1-5 this season, it is mired in a quarterback controversy between the likes of Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn.

Not exactly a win-win situation for a wide receiver, particularly one who considers himself to be as good as Bowe does. The seven-year player held out most of the summer, refusing to sign his $9-million franchise tender until just before the Chiefs’ second exhibition season game and not playing until the third.


Still, that hasn’t stopped him from becoming the team’s top receiver this season ... of course that’s not saying much. He’s the only one on the squad who has multiple touchdown receptions, although Bowe’s total of three ties him for 17th best in the NFL.

Bowe has had one truly great season -- and the same can be said for the Chiefs of late. That was the magical regular season of 2010, when Bowe made the Pro Bowl with 15 touchdown receptions and Kansas City won the AFC West after going 4-12 the year before.

Suffice it to say, things have unraveled since then.

So it’s understandable that Chiefs fans might be in a tizzy about all the trade rumors circulating about Bowe (for some reason the Miami Dolphins seem to keep coming up in those conversations). With everything else that has gone wrong already this season, they would be justified in being upset over the prospect of losing one of their best players.

Or maybe they’re excited to see what they might get in return. We’re talking about a fan base that was clamoring for Quinn a few weeks back -- it probably won’t take a whole lot to give those guys something to cheer about.

A receiver happy to play for $9 million might be a good start.


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