Watch Danica Patrick crash thanks to her temper

Danica Patrick let her temper get the best of her on Sunday and knocked herself out of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway.

Patrick was frustrated with fellow driver Landon Cassill, feeling Cassill had earlier tried to push her car out of the way. On Lap 155, Patrick entered the corner with her front fender on Cassill’s rear bumper, sending Cassill’s car into a spin. But Patrick’s did too, and she ended up slamming into the wall.

“I have just been really frustrated with the No. 83,” Patrick said after getting out of her car. “He slammed into me on the front straight for no other reason than his radio communication, ‘She was in the way.’ I’ve always played fair. If it’s one time, I can imagine frustration. But it’s been pretty consistent with him getting in to me. So at some point in time, I have to stand up for myself, or everybody’s going to do it.”


Patrick was in 16th place when she had the incident and finished in 32nd. Crew chief Greg Zipadelli was unhappy with her after the crash, telling her, “You know better than to do that,” over the car radio.

“My situation with Cassill is really a product of frustration,” Patrick said. “He got into me on the front straight and said I was just in the way. That’s really no good reason to hit me. The bummer about it is that my car is out, and he’s still out there going, so I’ve got to work on how to do that.”

How about not crashing into him? It really doesn’t seem like the best way to handle things.



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