Namath on Tim Tebow: ‘God forbid something happens to Sanchez’

Tim Tebow already has been dealt a demotion of sorts in 2012, going from starting at quarterback for the Denver Broncos last year to backing up Mark Sanchez for the New York Jets this season.

But legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath thinks Tebow belongs even further down on the team’s depth chart.

“God forbid something happens to Sanchez,” Namath told on Tuesday night. “See, this is where I’m confused. I don’t think the second guy really is Tebow.”

That would leave third-string quarterback Greg McElroy as the one taking over in such a situation.


The Jets traded for Tebow during the off-season with the intention of making him their backup. But they made little secret of the fact they would use the run-oriented quarterback in certain wildcat-offense packages designed by offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

Which is all fine and dandy unless the backup quarterback suddenly finds himself as the No. 1 guy, Namath said.

“You’re not gonna win consistently with the wildcat offense unless Tim passes a lot better, maybe a little quicker,” Namath said.

Tebow did not attempt a pass during the Jets’ 48-28 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but he did gain 11 yards on five carries.

“I don’t think he can consistently play the quarterback position as we know it as opposed to the wildcat without improving his passing accuracy,” Namath said of Tebow, who completed 46.5% of his passes for the Broncos last season but went 7-4 as a starter. “You’ve got to be more accurate than that today, and Tim’s got a big motion. He’s working on it, and he can improve it. So that remains to be seen.”

All that being said, though, Namath likes the idea of having a guy like Tebow on the Jets’ roster and in the locker room.

“Because of the guy he is, because of the aura he has around him. His work ethic. His sincerity,” Namath said. “You want him as a teammate on your side. You want to find a place to use him. ... [Opposing teams] have to prepare to defend against a certain kind of offense if he’s on the field. It takes up their time. He’s a weapon just being there, let alone getting on the field to help.”



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