Tale of two girlfriends: One gets really happy, one gets a headache

The Angels and Josh Hamilton got a rude welcome to the Ballpark in Arlington on Friday during a 3-2 loss to the Texas Rangers, but one lucky fan caught a foul ball that made his girlfriend extremely proud.

As you can see in thefirst video below, a fan wearing an Ian Kinsler jersey snags a foul ball hit by, presumably, his favorite player.

It wasn’t the greatest catch either.

Kinsler was jammed on the pitch, hitting a flare into the stands just beyond third base.


The reaction of the woman is priceless, though.

Which is vastly different from a few days ago when a girlfriend, or maybe friend who is a girl, got hit in the head on a home run when her not-so-manly companion bails on a chance to make the catch, or at least deflect the ball from the woman’s direction, during an Astros-Cardinals game.

That video is below.


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