UCLA football: Brett Hundley works to avoid the Man(ziel) trap

UCLA’s Brett Hundley knows his position ...and it’s more than just playing quarterback.

The on-going escapades of Texas A&M; quarterback Johnny Manziel caught Hundley’s eye, with the latest controversy the report that the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner reportedly agreed to sign memorabilia in exchange for money.

But even before the latest incident, Hundley was aware of issues surrounding Manziel, from bar fights to Twitter posts where he said he couldn’t wait to get out of College Station, Texas.

It heightened Hundley’s awareness about fame.

UCLA fans have fawned over Hundley since he arrived in Westwood in 2011. His break-out season as a redshirt freshman in 2012 only fueled that interest.

Hundley threw for a school-record 3,740 yards and 29 touchdown in leading UCLA to a 9-5 record last season.

“You have to understand how much spotlight you do have,” Hundley said. “Before, when I came here, there was some spotlight, but there is a difference now. For instance, going out to party. If you’re not the starting quarterback at UCLA, you can do things people say ‘OK.’ If you’re the starting quarterback, everyone is going to tweet about what you do.”

So, Hundley said he is cautious.

“You have to understand people are watching you,” Hundley said. “A lot of players ask me why I don’t go out too much. It’s because I’m trying to make sure I’m in the right place. I go out with my boys, but I’m very smart with what I do.”


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