No kisses for fan this time, but Kevin Durant still a gentleman


Kevin Durant is a nice guy.

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar has shown that time and again, perhaps most notably back in November when he kissed a woman on the forehead after a ball that he passed hit her on the face.

A similar situation took place Sunday in Phoenix during the Thunder’s 97-69 victory over the Suns. A ball inadvertently slapped by Durant smacked a woman right in the head.

Durant immediately went over to check on the woman, whose head was still down after the collision with the ball. The basketball star put his hand on top of her hair and she raised her head to reveal she had been laughing the whole time.


So she’s fine, and she has a great story to tell. Plus, Durant had 18 points and seven rebounds while still getting plenty of time to rest during the blowout victory.

All’s well that ends well -- but don’t be surprised if you start seeing a bunch of empty courtside seats whenever ol’ butterfingers is in town.


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