Watch Eddie the sea otter dunk a basketball [Video]

Meet Eddie the sea otter. If you're truly a sports fan, he's about to become your favorite creature, because Eddie can dunk a basketball on a hoop in his pool at the Oregon Zoo.

That's right. Check out the video above. Eddie, who was a rescue from the coast of California, rises out of the water clutching a miniature basketball and dunks it through the hoop.

As Dick Vitale might say, "Awesome, baby!" And if you don't think it's awesome, take the advice of Neil Everett of ESPN and "take some awesome lessons."

Eddie will turn 16 this year, which means he's geriatric because an otter's typical life span is 15 to 20 years. Eddie also suffers from arthritis in his elbows, so it was recommended to his handlers that they find him an exercise routine that utilizes movement in his front paws.

It seems old Eddie took right to the game of basketball since sea otters are very dexterous and often use rocks as tools, including to crack open shells. Otter keeper Jenny DeGroot says he was dunking the first week she taught him the game.

"Eddie almost never misses, and if he does miss, he keeps going until he makes it," DeGroot said.


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