Oscar winners 2013: Sean Fine wears RG3 socks while accepting award

How big is Robert Griffin III? He even makes it to the Oscars. Well, sort of.

Sean Fine, who Sunday won the Academy Award for best documentary for his film “Inocente”, is a huge Washington Redskins fan. His grandfather, the late Nate Fine, was the team’s official photographer for several years.

Sean Fine is such a huge Redskins fan that he wore a pair of red-and-gold socks with Griffin’s catchphrase “No Pressure, No Diamonds” written on them to the event and on stage while accepting his Oscar.


After winning the Oscar, Fine tweeted a picture of the socks with the following message:

"@RG3 we just won an Oscar ‘no pressure no diamonds.’”

A little while later, Griffin tweeted back:

@FineFilms: Awesome. LOL.

Come one, RG3, doesn’t the guy deserve sideline passes to a game next season?


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