O.J. Simpson granted some parole but will remain behind bars for now

O.J. Simpson, shown in court in May, has been in jail for nearly five years.
(Julie Jacobson / Associated Press)

O.J. Simpson was granted parole on some of the convictions that have kept him in prison for nearly five years.

Even with the order released by the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners on Wednesday, the 66-year-old former football star will remain behind bars for at least four more years on sentences that were ordered to run consecutively.

Simpson was convicted in December 2008 for kidnapping, robbery, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges for trying to obtain memorabilia he claims belonged to him from dealers Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong.


He was sentenced to nine to 33 years and still faces time for four weapon enhancement sentences, followed by consecutive terms for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Last week the former USC running back appeared before a two-member parole panel last Thursday, expressing regret for his actions and saying that he had been a model inmate. According to Lovelock Correctional Center officials, he’s had no disciplinary actions against him.

Simpson told the panel that his actions, while wrong, were different from those of other inmates he’s met who have been convicted of similar crimes.

“They were trying to steal other people’s property,” he said. “They were trying to steal other people’s money .... My crime was trying to retrieve for my family my own property.”

Simpson still has another chance at more immediate freedom, as a Clark County district judge is considering whether he should get a new trial. He argued at a hearing in May that his trial attorney botched his defense and had a conflict of interest.


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