Pac-12 will take no further action in Cal-Stanford fight


The on-court basketball scrum between Cal and Stanford on Wednesday night will not affect next week’s Pac-12 tournament in Las Vegas.

“The incident that occurred during last night’s basketball game between California and Stanford has been reviewed by the Pac-12 Conference and no further penalties will be assessed,” Pac-12 spokesman Dave Hirsch said in a email.

Two players and three assistant coaches were ejected after a fight broke out late in Stanford’s 83-70 win over Cal in Berkeley.


NCAA rules allow only the head coaches to leave the bench during an altercation. Stanford’s Gabe Harris and Richard Solomon of Cal were ejected along with Cal assistant coach Gregg Gottlieb and Stanford assistants Mark Madsen and Charles Payne.

The players and coaches, subject to suspension, will be able to participate in next week’s tournament in Las Vegas.

“As is our standing operating procedure, we will be following up with all individuals involved in the incident to reinforce the application of the playing rules relative to player and coach conduct,” Hirsch said.


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