Tim Tebow gets job offer from arena football’s Orlando Predators

New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow is said to have a job waiting for him in the Arena Football League if his NFL gig doesn't work out.
(David Welker / Getty Images)

Tim Tebow just wants to be a pro quarterback. Is that too much for a Heisman Trophy winner/two-time national champion/NFL playoff victor/all-around good guy to ask for?

Not in the opinion of Orlando Predators owner Brett Bouchy, who told the Orlando Sentinel he’s ready to sign Tebow the second the as-of-now-but-likely-not-much-longer backup quarterback for the New York Jets is available.

That’s the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League.

OK, perhaps we should have clarified that Tebow would like to be an NFL quarterback. Not a problem, according to Bouchy, who cites arena-quarterback-turned-Super-Bowl-champ Kurt Warner as an example of a player using the AFL to hone his skills on his way to an NFL comeback.


“I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league,” Bouchy said of Tebow. “Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion. Everything in the Arena League is just so much faster and quicker and predicated on accuracy.”

He added: “Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we’d love to have him... . Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.”

And that might be more than any team in the NFL is willing to offer at this point.


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