Nike’s Tiger Woods ad criticized by some for controversial slogan

Nike's new Tiger Woods ad
(Screenshot from Twitter)

“Winning takes care of everything.”

It’s a phrase Tiger Woods has used often with reporters when asked about his or other golfers’ rankings. So it’s appropriate that Nike uses that as the slogan in a new ad congratulating Woods on returning to the top of the world golf rankings for the first time in more than two years.


Or is it?

Some people disapprove of the ad, which Nike posted on Facebook and Twitter, in light of the extramarital affairs that became public in late 2010. At that point, his life was unraveling -- his marriage fell apart, his image was ruined and his golfing game was a mess.

But now everything is peachy for Woods, who just went public with his romance with popular skier Lindsey Vonn and seems to be everyone’s choice to win the Masters. Everyone loves a winner, right?

That’s what at least some people are taking away from the Nike ad, judging from some of the comments on Facebook and Twitter.


What do you think? Is the ad an appropriate way for the company to congratulate a spokesman it never lost faith in? Or does it unintentionally send the wrong message?



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