UCLA football: Jim Mora talks to Tahaan Goodman about Twitter post

UCLA Coach Jim Mora doesn't plan to impose new rules on his players when it comes to social media habits.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

UCLA players received a little Twitter 101 lesson this week.

Bruins’ safety Tahaan Goodman posted “I guess I aint good enough and havnt been working hard enough to touch the field” on his Twitter site after having his playing time reduced against Nebraska.

It made the rounds on fan websites and became a matter of interest with Coach Jim Mora post-practice.

Dissension in the ranks?

“Tahaan and I had a conversation,” Mora said. “It was very positive. He’s a competitive kid. Every day he comes out here and works his tail off.


“It’s an adjustment for some of these guys. They are four- and five-
star recruits. They have never sat on the bench. These guys have to realize this is always going to be about the team first. It’s not always an easy lesson to learn. But they’re learning it.”

Goodman sent a text message to Mora “five minutes after he posted it,” Mora said, adding “he said he just wanted me to know what he meant. He didn’t mean anything malicious by it.”

Mora won’t be placing new rules on players use of social media.

“Twitter, as we know, is the world we live in right now,” Mora said. “For me to ask these kids not to use Twitter would be ignorant, I think.”

“Using it responsibly” is what he has to teach, Mora said.


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