Lakers’ Mike Brown says Andrew Bynum doesn’t have attitude problem

Lakers Coach Mike Brown stood before a small group of reporters before Tuesday’s game against New Jersey and defended Andrew Bynum, who recently came under scrutiny for behavioral issues.

Andrew Bynum was reportedly fined an undisclosed amount by the Lakers for “numerous infractions,” including failing to attend a meeting with Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

“It’s an internal matter,” Brown said, declining to elaborate.

“Just because you guys found out about this, to overreact, I’m not about to do that right now.”


When Brown was asked whether he thinks Bynum has an attitude problem, he said “No.”

“I know that when I was in San Antonio, we fined guys for certain things and, I mean, I don’t think anybody would say the year we won the championship in 2003 that anybody, maybe one guy, anybody but one guy on our team had an attitude problem.”

Bynum’s maturity, however, recently has been questioned.

Last Tuesday, against Golden State, he was benched after taking a three-pointer, yet he told reporters after the game he would continue shooting them.


He then further dug himself into a hole Saturday, when he said he doesn’t participate in team huddles.

“I’m resting ... getting my zen on,” he said.

Despite his recent erratic behavior, Brown stood behind his center.

“Bynum, I don’t have a problem with Bynum,” Brown said. “He’s a player on this team, he’s out today with an ankle injury. The rest of the stuff that was reported, that was an internal issue.”


Bynum will not play Tuesday because of a left ankle sprain he sustained Sunday. He’s listed as day to day, and Brown said that he’s not sure whether the All-Star center will be able to play Wednesday against the Clippers.


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