Andrew Bynum jokes he can’t grow a playoff beard

What amazing insight I just learned at Lakers practice.

They say they prefer to close out their first-round series against the Denver Nuggets with a Game 5 victory on Tuesday at Staples Center instead of returning to Denver for a Game 5. They tout the importance of getting off to a strong start. And even Lakers center Andrew Bynum offered a funny quote upon reflecting the team’s 12-1 mark in closeout games since 2008: “Close-out games are actually kind of easy. Teams tend to fold if you come out and play hard in the beginning.”

But there’s no use delving too much into this. The Lakers, like any NBA team, never want to play more games than it should even if Metta World Peace would then play the entire second-round series against Oklahoma City. I also broke down in particular what the Lakers can do well in Game 5 to ensure another successful outing.

So I instead present more pressing news.

If you want Bynum to grow a playoff beard, you’re going to have to be patient. Just like when you tolerate his recurring injuries because of his potential. Just like when you shrug off his immature behavior because of his on-court effectiveness.


“I can’t grow a beard,” he said, showing off the scruff on his chin. “This took 24 years.”

That quote itself reveals the Lakers’ mind-set than anything they can say about how to win Game 5. The Lakers are relaxed and ready to move on to the next playoff opponent.


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Andrew Bynum jokes he can’t grow a playoff beard