Lakers Chat: What are the keys to an NBA title?

With a two-week vacation just ending, I’m fully recharged and ready for the NBA’s 2012-13 season.

But are the Lakers? Oh, they’re considered one of the heavy favorites to win the NBA title. But so are the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. And with the gold standard in L.A. remaining championship or bust, that means there are still some unanswered questions.

When will Dwight Howard fully rehab his back? To what degree will Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant be able to rest so that the veteran backcourt duo will become most efficient for the postseason? With the offseason additions in Antawn Jamison and Jamison Meeks, will the Lakers’ bench finally amount to something? Will Mike Brown prove he’s the worthy hire in leading this talented team?

There’s still a few weeks away before Media Day begins on Oct. 1, leaving us plenty of time to tackle some of those questions. There’s no better way to get that conversation going than by having it in the chat room below.



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