Kobe Bryant says he’s ‘down’ about missing three more weeks

In an interview with The Times on Tuesday evening, Kobe Bryant acknowledged that he’s disappointed that he will have to miss at least an additional three weeks because of pain and swelling in his left knee.

"[I’m] down about it,” Bryant said following the team’s 104-92 loss to the Pacers.

Bryant was examined before Tuesday’s game by Dr. Steve Lombardo. He said he’s still experiencing pain.

“It’s like an internal swelling,” Bryant said. “It’s different. It’s not something that’s kind of on the surface where you can pinpoint and feel the swelling around. It’s deep in there.”

Bryant fractured his lateral tibial plateau in a 96-92 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Dec. 17.


“I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “It’s an injury that I really can’t measure, so I have no idea what it’s supposed to feel like. It’s tough. It never really hurt when I was walking on it in the first place, so it’s tough to gauge it.”

Bryant is on a program of non-weight-bearing exercise, primarily consisting of working out on a stationary bike.

“I’m ready to throw the bike in the damn pool right about now.” he said. “But you do what you got to do.”

Bryant has played in just six games for the Lakers this season, averaging 13.8 points and 6.3 assists. Before the knee injury, he had been sidelined until Dec. 8, rehabbing an Achilles’ tendon injury.

Bryant said he’s trying to be optimistic despite the recent setbacks.

“Just trying to be patient, trying to be calm, just trying to take it a day at a time,” he said. “I’ve been through worse. The Achilles was much, much worse ... With the Achilles, I couldn’t move at all. With this one, at least I can walk around a little bit, at least I can do the bike, do something active. Just trying to find the positive in it.”

Bryant is to be reevaluated again in three weeks. He’s expected to miss at least seven more games.


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