NCAA is delaying investigation of bribery and corruption allegations until federal cases conclude, sources say

Federal prosecutors have not asked the NCAA to refrain from penalizing schools or individuals connected to the college basketball bribery and corruption probe or to hold off announcing the results of any investigation.

“The Government has neither the authority nor desire to influence the NCAA’s determination of what, if any, penalties to impose for violations of its rules,” the filing last week in U.S. District Court in Manhattan said, “nor does the Government have any knowledge of whether the NCAA will impose penalties for the conduct alleged in the Indictment and, if so, what those penalties will be.”

But people involved with the case say the NCAA is delaying investigating the allegations — linked to at least three NCAA tournament teams and three bubble teams, USC among them, who weren’t selected — until the federal cases conclude.

The filing in one of three cases federal authorities brought against nine people, including former USC associate head coach Tony Bland, says that postponement isn’t the government’s doing.


Federal authorities have asked a variety of institutions, including the NCAA, not to interview “certain witnesses” connected to the case as the investigation continues.

“While this might delay the NCAA’s investigations, the Government has no reason to believe it will have any impact on the outcome of those investigations,” the filing said.

The NCAA didn’t return a request for comment.

Bland and the eight other men charged have pleaded not guilty.


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