Rams tape review: Kenny Britt dominates, but the Lions come up with big plays too

The Rams lost to the Detroit Lions, 31-28, on Sunday despite Case Keenum’s best performance of the year.

Each week we take a look at the tape and check out what worked, what didn’t and what you might have missed.

What: Kenny Britt’s spinning 20-yard touchdown reception

Down: Second and five


Time: 5:40 left in first quarter

Kenny Britt (18) appears to have developed a spin move. Check out how he sits in a hole in the Lions defense as everyone runs to the right side of the field to stay with quarterback Case Keenum.

The 6-foot-3 Britt took advantage of his size and physicality against the Lions and ended the day with his 136 yards on seven catches with two touchdowns — the second of which we’ll see a little later.


What: Golden Tate’s 34-yard reception to set up an easy touchdown throw

Down: Second and two

Time: 12:00 left in first quarter

Just before Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford snaps the ball on this, it looks like he identifies an impending blitz from the Rams and switches the play at the line. Right tackle Reilly Reiff (77) doesn’t even make an attempt to block Ethan Westbrooks (93) or Josh Forrest; instead he runs right at cornerback Troy Hill (93) and lays him out with a big hit that knocks his own helmet off.

On the next play, Stafford took his shot at Hill, throwing a seven-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Jones.

What: Matthew Stafford throws a touchdown pass to Andre Roberts off his back foot

Down: Fourth and two


Time: 3:12 left in second quarter

If the Rams stopped the Lions from scoring here it could have changed the entire complexion of the game, but really, there’s not much more they could have done.

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald (99) and Ethan Westbrooks (93) get into the backfield on a three-man rush, but Stafford is still able to get the throw off from his back foot to Andre Roberts (12), who’s getting mugged by one of the Rams’ better corners in E.J. Gaines (33).

What: Todd Gurley stopped at the goal line just before halftime

Down: Fourth and one

Time: :04 left in second quarter

Now, earlier in the game the Rams showed the same Todd Gurley run-it-up-the-middle formation and scored on a quarterback keeper by Case Keenum up the right side, but here the L.A. gives Detroit exactly what everyone in the building thinks is coming.


That’s all fine and dandy if you can pull it off, but a missed block by left tackle Greg Robinson (74) allows defensive tackle Tyrunn Walker (93) to slip into the backfield and kill the Rams’ momentum with a takedown of Gurley behind the line.

What: Britt bounces off tacklers for his second touchdown

Down: Third and two

Time: 14:36 left in fourth quarter

The Lions’ poor tackling allowed Britt (18) to get into the end zone on a short pass turned 20-yard touchdown reception earlier so here, the 6-foot-3 receiver does essentially the same thing as before thanks to a little rub-route from Brian Quick (83).

Britt catches the slant already dragging one defender and then bounces off a pair of Lions before stretching his body over the goal line for the score.

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