Column: Rams reveal new logos, and they are different from the one leaked on social media


When Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff saw the leaked images of the Rams’ new logo on a cap made to promote the NFL draft in Las Vegas, he had the same reaction most fans did.

“It was like a bad courtroom sketch,” Demoff said at the time. “I was disappointed because there are some resemblances to our new logo that will jade some people when it is revealed but it had the wrong colors, the wrong shape and it didn’t have any of the details that make this logo unique and we think will resonate with Rams fans.”

Although the logo in the leaked photo — which was widely panned by fans — is one of the logos the Rams revealed Monday, it was not blue and yellow, which Demoff believes makes a big difference.

“The one thing we heard consistently from our fans over and over in the process was they had a real preference for blue and yellow and the horns,” Demoff said. “The people said the Los Angeles Rams were about blue and yellow and the horns. We really took that to heart and that was the design premise that we started with. There is also a different subset of fans that liked blue and white, so we have also included white as our third color because it does play a part in our history.”


The official names of the Rams’ new colors, which are a return to their old colors, are “Rams Royal” (blue) and “Sol” (yellow). Both colors and the redesigned horns, which are meant to resemble a perfect spiral, a wave and the horns on a ram, provide the basis of the new logo and re-brand.

The L.A. logo in the leaked draft cap likely will be unpopular among fans, judging from the backlash online, but that logo in blue, yellow and white is better than the neon purple and gold used in the cap, which was made specifically for the draft in Las Vegas and will not be sold. The good news for fans, however, is that logo is just one of four the team unveiled. The L.A. logo placed next to the Rams wordmark is much easier on the eyes. There’s also a blue and yellow wordmark where the the words Los Angeles Rams are stacked vertically. And there’s the ram head logo, which pays homage to the team’s logo from 1941-83.

Demoff said he will continue to listen to fans if they like one logo best. For now, the plan is to use them all.

“What you’re going to see primarily is bright blue, bright yellow and some white as well but it’s mainly the blue and yellow, that’s what our fans want,” Demoff said. “You’re going to see all of the logos in different places. What we tried to do was respect the past and represent the future.”

The plan originally was to unveil the logo Saturday to coincide with the start of the dates of Aries, the first astrological sign in the zodiac, which is symbolized by the ram, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Rams to audible to an online unveiling Monday, which was streamed on their website.

“We decided there’s no perfect time in this world to do this but we wanted to turn the page before our next large community initiative in our new logos and colors,” Demoff said.

The Rams’ new logo and colors will be worn on shirts and hats for the first time Tuesday when the team partners with KABC to host a virtual telethon to assist Southern California response efforts during the current pandemic. The contributions will benefit the United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Pandemic Relief Fund in direct support of community partners including the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

When Rams took Darrell Henderson in second round last year, he was disappointed how long he had lasted in the draft. With Todd Gurley gone, Henderson gets a chance to prove himself.

March 21, 2020

With the colors and logo revealed, the next unveiling for the Rams will be redesigned uniforms and helmets.

“The uniform reveal is up in the air,” Demoff said. “We want to see when we can get people together again. At one point we thought the first public event at SoFi Stadium would be the uniform unveil in July but we’re probably going to pivot to something post-draft.

“All the plans we had for the uniform unveil included a large public gathering with our fans that can’t take place right now but we want them to be involved because they played a big part in this. They told us they wanted the horns and they wanted blue and yellow and that’s what we did.”