Clayton Kershaw returns favor, cheers friend Matthew Stafford during Super Bowl win

Ex-Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and former Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw.
Former Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, right, cheered on Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, his childhood friend, during the Super Bowl Sunday at SoFi Stadium.
(Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw got lots of support from Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford as he was leading the Dodgers to an elusive World Series win in 2020.

Kershaw returned the favor Sunday.

The pitcher is still a free agent, but the Texas native was in Los Angeles to support the Rams — and one of his childhood friends.

Kershaw and Stafford graduated from high school together in Highland Park, Texas, and played sports together growing up — Stafford sometimes serving as Kershaw’s catcher on the diamond, and Kershaw playing center for a season of freshman football in front of Stafford on the gridiron.

Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw grew up playing sports together in Texas, but in high school they eventually played just football and baseball, respectively, after sharing gridiron and diamond time.

The childhood friends both had successful careers but lacked championships. While he could relate to the pressure, Kershaw told NFL Network he had no advice for Stafford on how to handle game day.


“I think the one great thing is we’re super supportive,” Kershaw told the NFL Network before kickoff. “Like ever since I won the World Series, he ... sent a lot of great text messages and I’m trying to do the same thing for him now. Just texting him, telling him we’re happy for him.”