The 50 greatest moments in Super Bowl history, Nos. 40-31

We continue out countdown of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history with Nos. 40-31. You can see Nos. 50-41 here.


No. 40: The John Elway helicopter play, Super Bowl XXXII

Looking for his first Super Bowl title after years of disappointment, the Broncos quarterback faces a third-and-five deep in Green Bay territory. Seeing no one open as he drops back to pass, Elway takes off and instead of sliding just short of the first down, he dives and gets hits by multiple Packers, sending Elway into a spin, and into a first down. The Broncos score on the drive for a 24-17 lead in a game they would go on to win.

John Elway’s helicopter play

No. 39: Lynn Swann’s bobble catch, Super Bowl X

There’s no way to describe the play with any justice. Just watch the amazing catch by the Steelers’ receiver below.

Swann’s catch

No. 38: Bob Lilly sacks Bob Griese for a 30-yard loss, Super Bowl VI

Nothing showed the Dallas Cowboys’ domination of the Miami Dolphins in their 24-3 victory than this play, where Lilly chases Griese down for an amazing 30-yard loss.


Lilly sacks Griese

No. 37: Blocked punt turns the tide, Super Bowl X

Trailing 10-7 at the start of the fourth quarter, the Steelers block a punt out of the end zone for a safety to cut Dallas’ lead to 10-9. The block seems to motivate the Steelers, who go on to win, 21-17.

Safety turns the tide (skip ahead to the 13:20 mark)

No. 36: Consecutive kickoff returns for touchdowns, Super Bowl XXXV

After Ron Dixon of the New York Giants cuts Baltimore’s lead to 17-7 with a 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, Jermaine Lewis responds with an 84-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to put the Ravens in the driver’s seat.

Jermaine Lewis’ kickoff return for a TD

No. 35: The Super Bowl Shuffle, Super Bowl XX

After whipping the Patriots, 46-10, the Chicago Bears went out and recorded one of the most famous sports videos of all time.

The Super Bowl shuffle

No. 34: Larry Csonka steamrollers the Redskins, Super Bowl VII

Washington had no answer for the Miami running back, who led the Dolphins’ ball control offense all afternoon, including a 49-yard run in the fourth quarter, the second-longest run in Super Bowl history at the time

Larry Csonka remembers Super Bowl VII

No. 33: Green Bay lets Terrell Davis score game-winning touchdown uncontested, Super Bowl XXXII

With only 1:45 left and Denver with the ball on the one, the Packers let Terrell Davis score, giving the Broncos a 31-24 lead. The strategy: Letting Davis score gives Green Bay time to march downfield for a tying touchdown. It didn’t work.

Terrell Davis scores uncontested

No. 32: Jackie Smith drops a sure touchdown pass, Super Bowl XIII

Tight end Smith, wide open in the middle of the end zone, drops a sure touchdown pass from Roger Staubach. The Cowboys settle for a field goal and go on to lose by four points to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jackie Smith drops a touchdown pass

No. 31: Steve McNair’s epic scramble, Super Bowl XXXIV

With less than 20 seconds remaining and the Titans trailing by seven, quarterback Steve McNair becomes an escape artist, eludes the sack attempt of several Rams defenders and connects with Kevin Dyson on a 16-yard completion to the 10-yard line.


Steve McNair’s epic scramble

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