Group of 45 men dressed like Magnum, P.I. kicked out of Detroit Tigers game

Tom Selleck starred in "Magnum, P.I." from 1980-88.
(CBS / Associated Press)

Tom Selleck was the one and only Magnum, P.I.

He had the look — a Detroit Tigers cap, Hawaiian shirt and, of course, the most amazing mustache any man has ever grown — and so much more as the star of the popular 1980s TV series.

A group of 45 men at the Tigers-White Sox game Saturday tried to pull off the same look and eventually was kicked out of Comerica Park for what the team later described as “inappropriate behavior.”

What? These guys? Behaving inappropriately?

The outfits and the Tigers game were part of a bachelor party for Allen Park, Mich., resident Joe Tuccini. He told the local Fox affiliate that the team explained the group was ejected for catcalling, although he added that he thinks it was because they were a distraction from the action on the field.


Tuccini’s brother, Chris Tuccini, told the local News-Herald that he also had been informed that one member of the group had been caught smoking. “I don’t know how that made us all guilty,” he said.

The Tigers said in their statement: “It was inappropriate behavior; the group was given multiple warnings. They violated the code of conduct and were asked to leave and have not been banned from the park.”

The group wants the team to reimburse them with tickets for a game next season and invite Selleck to join the festivities next time.

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