UFC’s Miesha Tate describes carrying an injured child down a mountain to safety

Miesha Tate spent Labor Day hiking in the mountains of Nevada — and helping an injured little girl.

The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion wrote on Facebook that while hiking along Mary Jane Falls on Mt. Charleston she encountered a 6-year-old who had broken her arm along the way and whose mother was struggling to get her down the mountain.

Tate offered to help, she wrote on Facebook, and wound up carrying the girl some two miles to the end of the trail.

“Kai and I learned a lot about each other on the roughly 2 mile descent and It's fair to say she inspired me,” Tate wrote. “We made it all the way down without slipping or falling! We agreed we would both be strong for each other! Team work at its best!”

(My favorite part of the Facebook post was how Tate described the mom as “meekly built.” I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it, but that phrase is now part of my working vocabulary.)

Needless to say, the girl’s mother was extremely thankful.

“Your generous act truly touched my heart, and words simply cannot express how eternally grateful I am you were up there on the mountain today!” Amber Ellis wrote on Facebook. “I will forever carry with me your positive & uplifting words to Kai, as she's the inspiration for everything that I do. You are a wonderful person, inside & out, and you have inspired all of us today, as well.”

Kai expressed her gratitude over social media as well.

“I just have to say this was one of the most rewarding days of my athletic career,” Tate wrote on Instagram. “And I also want to make a point that I have been told many times that I am ‘too buff’ or ‘manly’ that I should stop lifting weights, that it's ‘gross’ and not attractive for a woman. I am so happy I never listened to the limitations others wanted to put on me and I hope that our youth knows that don't have to conform. That strength and beauty come from within!”