Morning Briefing: That’s quite a bunch of Bradys


There are 16 teams in the AFC, which means there are 16 starting quarterbacks with a shot at starting the Super Bowl each season. But you couldn’t tell that if you looked at the list of Super Bowl starting quarterbacks for the AFC from 2002 to now:

Tom Brady

Rich Gannon

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Ben Roethlisberger

Peyton Manning

Tom Brady

Ben Roethlisberger

Peyton Manning

Ben Roethlisberger

Tom Brady

Joe Flacco

Peyton Manning

Tom Brady

Peyton Manning

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

In fact, with nine appearances counting this year, Brady has more appearances in the Super Bowl than any other team in NFL history (except the Patriots).

Green machine


According to multiple reports, not long after the AFC title game ended, an unidentified Patriots (we hope) fan on StubHub paid $180,685.44 for eight tickets to the Super Bowl, where that person and seven friends can watch the Patriots take on the Rams.

Actually, the tickets cost only $2,500, but those StubHub ticket fees are just out of control nowadays.

Thank you, next

A couple of hours after his Chiefs lost, quarterback Patrick Mahomes sent a message to his team’s fans via Twitter, saying, “Thank you #ChiefsKingdom. This hurts now but we will be back love y’all for y’alls support!

Remind me, how is it fair that Mahomes never touched the ball in overtime and the Chiefs never got a chance to score?

Get over it

Who ever runs the traffic alert message boards in New Orleans had a little fun after the loss to the Rams.

Drivers crossing the Pontchartrain Causeway got to see a sign that read, “We Were Robbed.”

Hall of Fame update

We started today’s briefing with a list of names, so let’s end it the same way.

The announcement of who has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame comes today, so here’s a final check of the Hall of Fame tracker by Ryan Thibodaux. He keeps track of all of the ballots that have been made public and tallies them up for those of us who are math intolerant. Remember, you need 75% of the vote to be elected and Thibodaux has counted the 207 that have been released so far.

They’re in:

Mariano Rivera, 100%

Roy Halladay, 92.8%

Edgar Martinez, 90.3%

Mike Mussina, 81.2%

On the cusp:

Curt Schilling, 71%

Roger Clemens, 70%

Barry Bonds, 69.6%

Larry Walker, 65.7%

Won’t make it:

Omar Vizquel, 37.7%

Fred McGriff, 37.7%

Manny Ramirez, 24.2%

Scott Rolen, 20.8%

Todd Helton, 18.4%

Jeff Kent, 16.9%

Billy Wagner, 16.9%

Gary Sheffield, 13.5%

Sammy Sosa, 12.1%

Andruw Jones, 8.7%

Andy Pettitte, 6.3%

Will drop off ballot for getting less than 5%:

Michael Young, 1.4%

Lance Berkman, 1%

Roy Oswalt, 1%

Miguel Tejada, 1%

Might not get a vote:

Rick Ankiel

Jason Bay

Freddy Garcia

Jon Garland

Travis Hafner

Ted Lilly

Derek Lowe

Darren Oliver

Juan Pierre

Placido Polanco

Vernon Wells

Kevin Youkilis