Adrián González pushes for Spanish accents on MLB jerseys


Dodgers first baseman Adrián González is leading the movement in encouraging Latino players across MLB to put Spanish accents on their jerseys.

On Monday, González tweeted a video of himself walking onto the field showing off his jersey with an accent over the “a.” He also included the hashtag #ponleacento, which translates to “put on the accent.”

For those who do not know Spanish, the tweet translates:

“After 16 years in the major leagues the only thing left was to put an accent on one thing. Kike Hernández I dare you.”

Was Hernández up for the dare? Well, he did share this photo on Instagram the same day.

Hernández too put the accent on the “a” as well, and encourages all Latino players in the league to do the same.

"Look how pretty Hernández looks with its accent. I already got it @adrian_eltitan, so now I invite all my Latino brothers to get their accent. #PonleAcento," Hernández wrote on the post both in Spanish and English.

Both players also have put the accents on their names across their social media handles.

Other Latino players across the league have not adopted this new trend, but be on the lookout to see if it catches on.

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