Bob Costas apologizes to Cubs’ Pedro Strop for on-air comment


Bob Costas apologized Sunday to Pedro Strop for the bizarre comment he made about the Chicago Cubs pitcher during an MLB Network telecast Friday night.

But the longtime broadcaster said his apology had nothing to do with all the flak he received on social media after blasting Strop for pointing to the sky after what Costas deemed an “atrocious outing” on the mound that night.

“We live in an age of faux outrage, of disproportionate outrage,” Costas said Saturday after setting up a face-to-face meeting with Strop for the following day. “Everything is shocking, over the top. ‘He savaged Pedro Strop’ — I mean, come on, come on. Let’s get a handle on this.


“I could have done better and I will apologize. But ... that’s just Internet stuff. I’m going to take care of it the same way I would have taken care of it if it was 1986. And that’s going to be that.”

That apology took place Sunday in the lobby of the St. Louis hotel where the Cubs were staying this weekend. Afterward, Strop called Costas “a good dude.”

“We’ve all made mistakes. I’m not going to judge him just because he made a mistake,” Strop said of Costas. “I just feel better now that he’s at least apologized. We all do stuff that we have to apologize for.”

Strop entered Friday night’s game in the eighth inning, with the Cubs leading the Cardinals, 2-1. That didn’t last long, as Strop immediately gave up a solo home run to Greg Garcia. A hit batter, fly out and walk later, Strop was given the hook.

As he was leaving the mound, Strop gestured skyward -- and that’s when Costas let loose for all the viewers to hear: “We can only ask, or wonder, that he is asking some departed relative for forgiveness for this atrocious performance.”

Strop said his gesture is meant to “always thank God for the opportunity. It’s nothing to do with the performance.”