Boston sees advantage over Los Angeles in 2024 Olympic bidding race

With the clock ticking down on a potential American bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Boston officials believe they have an edge over the competition -- including Los Angeles.

The U.S. Olympic Committee is expected to choose a candidate -- or decide to forgo a bid -- early next year. San Francisco and Washington, D.C., have joined Boston and L.A. as contenders.

In a Boston Globe story, officials from that city talked about offering a compact array of venues that no other American candidate could manage.

“The city is the Olympic park,” Dan O’Connell, president of the Boston 2024 Partnership, was quoted as saying. “It becomes a public-transit and walking Olympics.”


Boston could make use of the Commons, Franklin Park and Harvard University, which O’Connell characterized as iconic sites “that other cities won’t have.”

By contrast, a Los Angeles bid would feature venues spread across various parts of Southern California stretching south to Long Beach. A renovated Coliseum would serve as the centerpiece and an athletes village could be constructed just east of downtown.

Washington and San Francisco would also spread the Games across a wide swath.

Officials in Boston conceded that, with their venues so tightly grouped, traffic could be a challenge. They are continuing to study the feasibility of holding the Olympics.