Cleveland Browns the ‘Oregon Ducks of the NFL’ thanks to new uniforms


Meet the new Oregon Ducks of the NFL: the Cleveland Browns.

On Tuesday, the Browns revealed three new uniforms designed by Nike that bring the organization’s classic brown and white jerseys with corresponding orange and brown stripes -- relatively unchanged since 1947 -- into the current millennium.

Cleveland’s new uniforms include white and brown sets, but also another in a new orange hue, which can all be interchangeably worn. In February, the Browns unveiled their new logo with the updated color.

In bold, capital letters across the chest of each new jersey appears the word “CLEVELAND” so that television viewers, and opposing players, can clearly read the city name even from 50 yards away, Nike Vice President and Creative Director for Football Todd Van Horne said. Additionally, the words “Dawg Pound,” an homage to the team’s fans, are stitched into the neck of the jersey.


The Nike connection and nine interchangeable looks prompted safety Donte Whitner to tweet the Browns will be the “Oregon Ducks of the NFL” after seeing the uniforms for the first time in March.

“I’d seen them a few weeks back, and when you compare them to the old jerseys, the old jerseys kind of look a little boring, so we felt like it was time for a change, and I like everything about these jerseys,” Whitner told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“It’s always about self-confidence,” Whitner continued. “Deion Sanders said it all the time, ‘When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play good.’”

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