Cal State Northridge reveals new logo

Cal State Northridge has a new look for its athletic teams.
(Cal State Northridge)

Cal State Northridge unveiled a new logo Monday as part of its “Rise of the Matadors” campaign.

“The Matadors, like the entire university, are on the rise,” university President Dianne F. Harrison said in a statement. “The success of our student-athletes, in action and in the classroom, creates numerous opportunities for engagement with both our campus community and the entire Los Angeles region.

“With more than 38,000 students and championship-caliber athletic teams competing at the top of their game, it is an exciting time to be a Matador. The relaunch of our athletics identity captures the excitement of these programs while staying true to the legacy of more than five decades of athletic success.”

The new look features a more historical representation of a matador than the character “Matty the Matador” from the previous logos.


The campaign will also include an effort to standardize references to the university’s teams as simply the CSUN Matadors, rather than Cal State Northridge or Northridge.

“Our objective with this project was to create a bold, high-performing athletic image and pride campaign that would maximize enthusiasm and interest in supporting CSUN Athletics,” Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Brandon E. Martin said. “The success of this campaign will depend on us communicating with consistency and effectiveness.”