Jackie Chan lends his voice to China’s Olympic bid

Jackie Chan appears at an event in Taipei, Taiwan, to promote his new movie "Dragon Blade" on Feb. 12.
(Chiang Ying-ying / Associated Press)

The bid committee hoping to bring the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing has pulled out a secret weapon.

Jackie Chan.

The action movie star -- one of his country’s best-known personalities -- has joined in the recording of a song, “Wake up Winter,” that will be used to help promote China’s campaign.

“‘Wake up Winter’ is actually a call to people around the world, an incessant eagerness for the Olympic spirit and a longing for friendship between people and countries,” songwriter Wang Jiuping told China’s state-run radio news service.

Officials have called upon numerous musicians to participate, including composer Zhao Jialin, who had an Internet hit with “Little Apple” last year.

Beijing is competing against Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the 2022 Games.