Joe Torre ‘very upset’ for slighting George Steinbrenner at Hall event

Joe Torre

Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Joe Torre speaks during Sunday’s induction ceremony in Cooperstown, N.Y.

(Mike Groll / Associated Press)

Many people who watched Sunday’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony were surprised that Joe Torre, elected to the Hall of Fame in large part because of his success as Yankees manager, barely mentioned former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in his speech. Steinbrenner hired Torre as Yankees manager in 1996.

The first person to agree with those criticizing Torre: Joe Torre.

“As soon as I turned around, I said, ‘I forgot George,’ ” Torre told about the moments after his speech ended. “Not only George, but Hal [Steinbrenner] and the family and the whole thing.

“I’m very upset. I mentioned his name a few times … not the way I wanted to,” Torre said. “I was with Hal last night and I gave all my accolades but it was just … I think when you’re putting your stuff together, you’re taking for granted that’s a given, and then you run right through it.


“You don’t get accepted without George’s acceptance, you know? It was just so obvious for me to talk about him because I was so concerned about all my family to make sure I didn’t forget anybody.

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